Thursday, December 13, 2007

Deluded About God?

To anyone who reads theology blogs: if you're reading my blog and have never read Ben Myers' Faith and Theology blog, go there now! Every so often, a Yanke pastor whose managed to land in England by the name of Kim Fabricius posts his "10 propositions" on a theological issue. Some of my favorites are archived and linked on the right hand column. The most recent are Kim's props on Dawkins, Hitchens, and these so called 'new' atheists. It's a wonder-ful post, as always. For those of you in my book club at church, read these propositions and you'll see how closely they resemble Rowan Williams' moves in our book.

As our group will be going through Williams' Tokens of Trust: An Introduction to Christian Belief throughout advent I will post some of our thoughts and some issues raised from this provocative book.

That's all.

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Bram said...

It's Bram Pearce from Wycliffe. Great blog! I've read some of your sermons and they've been a real encouragement and challenge over the Advent season. Thanks for posting them.

Also, I'm also thinking about doing a book club at my church in Drumheller Alberta and was hoping you could share some of your insights from Williams' book with me.
Actually, what I'm really hoping to know is how you work through a book at a book club meeting because I've never done anything like this. My email is So, if you have time, send me some thoughts brother!